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ECO FRESH HYGIENE brings to you products and services which will turn your surroundings, office or workplace into a space of cleanliness and beauty. We come with a coveted heritage of being a leading player in some industries in Qatar. And now we offer hygiene solutions which are reliable and of the highest of standards with responsive service.

We, at ECO FRESH HYGIENE, understand the importance of a pleasant environment, be it an office or the washroom. For us, hygiene is more than just cleanliness; it is all about freshness! We aim at rejuvenating your senses and adding freshness to your surroundings.

ECO FRESH HYGIENE has collaborated with leading Manufacturers in the global industry from Europe and America to offer our customers a complete range of quality products to ensure the customer satisfaction and care. We offer a wide range of services and provide a variety of hygiene products.

• Washroom Hygiene Products
• Janitorials
• Non-Woven and Micro Fibers
• Floor Matting
• Cleaning Machinery
• Cleaning Chemicals
• Bins/ Waste Receptacles

and much more… As per your requirements, you can choose from the full range of Hygiene products, supplies and services Eco Fresh Hygiene has to offer.
We extend our services to corporates, hotels and catering, cleaning and facilities management companies, automotive industries, hospitals, education institutions etc.

Customer care and quality service are the core principles of our program. Through our customized hygiene program, we ensure that your facilities remain fresh and clean 24×7.

• Regular Hygiene Inspections
• Highly Trained Service Technicians
• Customized Consumer Service Policy
• One-Team Approach, We take care of all your hygiene needs

When it comes to hygiene, we mean perfection. Get in touch with us at ECO FRESH HYGIENE. Step into a sparkling world!

Ready System Anti Bacterial Trolley
The most important innovation in development of the HDS involves use of exclusive antibacterial plastic to make the modular trolleys
Service car Ideabase 13, made by: plastic base with extension and castors 100, steel vertical frame with bagholder.